El Peñon Wreck

Wreck & Shore


A wreck dive with Teide Divers, Tenerife on Boxing Day, December 2015

This was my first ever wreck dive, before the days I had passed my advanced open water certification, or held an underwater camera. I was very nervous beforehand having never dived a wreck or swum with Barracuda but I was reassured and incredibly well looked after by the Teide Divers. The wreck was amazing, the water warm and the visability clear.  I saw Trumpet Fish, Cuttlefish, Damsel Fish, Wrasse and Parrotfish.

The Teide Diver Team held my hand during the descent, kept very close to me during the dive and guided me safely around the mast of the wreck at 18 meters. Feeling accomplished, the experience inspired me to take up diving again and pursue the PADI Advanced Open Water Certification.  To view the wreck please follow this link > Teide Divers Taibaba Wreck Tenerife. To see the wreck, filmed by Aqua-Marina, click here.