Chesil Beach

Refresher dive at Chesil Beach, Weymouth. Dorset

Having not dived since 2003, this was a good opportunity to put my skills from the pool refresher session to the test. Although it’s a bit of an effort getting into the sea at Chesil (as you sink into the pebbles with heavy kit) and getting out can sometimes be a challenge, its well worth it because it’s such an amazing dive site. On this sunny day in August 2009, I joined

Rob and his team from C-Waves Diving down to fifteen metres where I enjoyed good visibility. During the dive, I saw lobster pots, wrasse, pollack, sand eels and sea kelp. I found getting back into diving easy and throroughly enjoyed the experience. Underwater Explorers (great dive shop!) posted this stunning video on U-Tube > Underwater Explorers Dorset Sealife 2013