Photo graphy

“There is nothing quite as exciting as snapping what feels good and discovering what’s caught in the lens”

I got my first taste of underwater photography during a refresher dive in 2015. It was thrilling experience and added a fulfilling fifth element to scuba diving I had never imagined; I could capture what I was seeing, re-live the experiences and share the beauty of the ocean with others. It dawned on me I would be able to inspire others with my pictures and raise awareness about oceanic issues such as over-fishing, the damage to marine life (due to plastic in the sea), climate change and global warming.

Joining the Parkstone Camera Club in 2016, the good folk there were kind enough to share their experience and critical eye which helped me learn how to hone my skills with the camera, both underwater and topside.
After a photography development course with ‘Go Digital’ in Poole in 2017, I was well on my way to becoming a sub-aquatic shutter-bug. My dream is to become a marine photographer and PADI Photography Instructor so I can help others develop their skills and capture amazing underwater shots.

Special Interests

Here are some of my favourite things to photograph.

Marine Life
Scuba Divers