Ocean Odyssey

“I am but a single droplet but together the droplets make an ocean”

Ocean Odyssey is the journey of my diving and photographic adventures along with the hope and desire to raise awareness about the ocean. I see the outstanding beauty of the sea but feel deeply the plight of it’s majestic, endangered inhabitants. I aim to inspire others help protect the ocean through the beauty caught within the lens of my camera, the truth contained in the articles of some of the oceans worst atrocities and through the hope and inspiration of everyday acts of human kindness by oceanic heroes.

Together we need to protect marine eco-systems before more species become extinct and the lives and livlihoods of millions of people are put at risk as fish populations plummet.

We can all make a difference by simply thinking about our actions; never buying shark fin soup, trinkets made of coral and other underwater invertebrate shells, taking care to only eat unendangered fish from sustainable sources and taking care to recyle and not litter our oceans with plastic. With a little bit of thought we can all add our ‘drop’ to the ocean, so it is healthy and thriving for many generations to come. It is, after all, essential to the air we breathe.


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