Diving Abroad

There is nothing quite like the warm, clear waters and abundant sea life when diving abroad. My bucket list includes diving with Sharks, Mantas, Manatees and Whales Sharks as well as visiting Bonaire, The Great Barrier Reef, Egypt, The Maldives, The Florida Keys, Greece, Hawaaii, California, Belize and ultimately, the Galapogos Islands. Diving abroad offers a different experience to UK diving, though to my amazement and surprise UK diving is actually very good!

I expected dreary seaweed and cold, baron landscapes but have found colour, life and unusual sea creatures in abundance. I never expected to see coral, sharks or rays in British waters and have been stunned by the local diversity. It can’t compete however with the warm waters, almost guaranteed visibility abroad or wearing a 3 mm shorty wetsuit (with no hood and gloves) and a cocktail on shore to finish off. Tropical diving certainly does have its merits!

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